3D/VR Apps for Business

  • Turnkey real-time 3D/VR solutions for business process efficiency
  • High-quality visualization in aerospace, energy, oil & gas, urban planning sectors
  • 3D/VR simulators for personnel skill training

Case Studies

We appreciate confidentiality requirements of our customers, so here are only some examples of our works, which are not covered by the NDA terms.
Be-200 Firefighting Simulator
  • Description
  • Specification

The project focus is on teaching pilots to fight wildfire with the water-carrying amphibious aircraft (Beriev Be-200). The payload goes out in a few seconds, so if a pilot misses, the aircraft needs to make another long run for water, leaving the fire eating up the forest and threatening nearby settlements. It is very hard to drop water (or retardant) onto the right spot when moving at high speed on low altitude, so virtual practice is extremely useful. Moreover, the weight of the vehicle changes drastically when scooping up water from a lake or a river, so the pilot needs to be prepared for quick changes in the dynamics and handling.

The simulator recreates Northern California wildfire scenario with both water and ground landing/take-off training. The system was presented at MAKS 2017 and I/ITSEC 2017 events.

  • Total resolution 4320x2560 @ 60 Hz
  • 3000x2000 mm cylindrical screen (120 degrees)
  • 3 visual channels (single GTX 1080 + Barco F70-4K6 projector)
  • Additional thermal sensor channel
  • Instruments panel
  • CIGI host with integrated flight model
  • Northern California visual database
  • 200 km visibility distance
  • Powered by UNIGINE 2 Sim
Oil Refinery Digital Twin
  • Description
  • Specification

Real-time 3D visualization of an Oil Refinery represents an interactive showcase of BIM (Building Information Model) concept applied to the industrial facility (industrial digital twin). All processes, starting from construction cycle, to operations and maintenance, can be visualized in 3D, with a live link to big data collected from IoT sensors and other data sources. Interactive model allows to simulate different scenarios in oil & gas industry and efficiently plan facility improvements.

VR applications allow fast skill training and give detailed site acquaintance for staff. Skill verification with detailed after-action review can be performed within the same system, combined with random malfunction simulation in order to prevent cheating.

  • Construction stages visualization
  • Live visualization of IoT data
  • Maintenance training and skills verification for personnel:
    • Starting up backup diesel generator
    • Chemical injection system maintenance
  • Complex 3D model (more than 45 millions of polygons)
  • Desktop and VR (Oculus Rift / HTC Vive Pro) versions
  • Powered by UNIGINE 2 Engineering SDK
Interactive 3D Visualization Of International Space Station
  • Description
  • Specification

Real-time 3D visualization of the International Space Station (ISS) for EVA (Extravehicular activity, i.e. space walks) missions training. These missions are extremely dangerous and hard to perform (severe outside temperature changes, clumsy space suit, low lighting conditions, limited oxygen and energy supplies). Moreover, microgravity leaves an astronaut without up/down orientation cues. Within these harsh conditions it is critical to provide spatial awareness training to the space station crew, where VR is a great solution.

The system was demonstrated in NASA VR lab (Houston, TX) in the scope of international collaboration on ISS in 2016.

  • Detailed model of the station
  • Earth and Moon models
  • Atmospheric light scattering model with twilight zone and aurora borealis effect
  • Night cities lighting based on OSM data
  • Correlated star map
  • Physically-correct distances between celestial bodies
  • Desktop and VR (Oculus Rift) versions
  • Powered by UNIGINE 2 Sim
Offshore Oil Platform Visualization
  • Description
  • Specification

This project demonstrates joint air / sea operations for resupply missions on the offshore rig. Detailed and accurate sea state model is critical for offshore operations visualization, together with physical feedback (wave height/shape access) to correctly simulate objects buoyancy.

As oil deposits are left only in distant places, offshore rigs are a growing trend in oil & gas industry. The system was presented at “Neftegaz” trade show in 2018.

  • Beaufort scale 0-12
  • Ship wake wave simulation
  • Buoyancy simulation
  • Dynamic night time lighting of the platform
  • Desktop and VR (Oculus Rift / HTC Vive) versions
  • Powered by UNIGINE 2 Sim
Bell-206 Helicopter Simulator
  • Description
  • Specification
This search & rescue missions simulator (helicopter type: Bell-206 Ranger) is based on a real region in Washington state, USA. As a rotorcraft can hover at low altitude in any place, high resolution georeferenced visual database is required for professional pilot training. Visual cues like swaying grass, dust clouds (brown-out) are also important for VFR (visual flight rules) training, as well as various weather and lighting conditions. Finding a safe landing zone in dense forests and mountain areas is a crucial test for a helicopter crew on search and rescue mission simulation. The system was presented at I/ITSEC 2013 event.
  • 6 visual channels @ 60 Hz
  • Rotor-wing brown-out dust visualization
  • Vegetation affected by the rotor flow
  • Dynamic lighting conditions
  • 262 x 262 km georeferenced visual database
  • CIGI protocol IG interconnection
  • Integrated system based on the real cockpit
  • Powered by UNIGINE 1 Sim

Who We Are

14 years of experience in software/content development, leading proprietary technology and a full-stack team of 50+ professionals are here to help your business. Target platforms are PC (Windows/Linux), CAVE, curved screens, video-walls, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pro and other VR headsets.

Our headquarters are in Luxembourg (European Union), but we work worldwide.

Professional Services:
  • Turnkey interactive 3D app development
  • Consulting
  • Software development
  • 3D content creation
  • System integration
Typical Projects:
  • Professional simulators
  • Safety / operations training in VR
  • Digital Twins in 3D
  • Smart City Visualization
  • Computer vision learning & verification
  • VR museums

How We Do It

Control over result
  • Responsiveness – you have the personal manager who is in touch at any moment. The manager leads your project from A to Z.
  • Transparency – you can see the results at every stage of the project.
Turnkey solutions
  • Time economy – we don’t ask unnecessary questions or try to delegate our work to you. We engage you only for essential decisions.
  • Expert advice – we're interested in your project's success, so in case we see a bottleneck in the concept we'll immediately provide a solution for the problem.
Guaranteed quality
  • Professionals – we are a full-cycle professional team with 14 years of experience.
  • Attention to requirements – working with us you get what you expect and even more.
  • Best industry processes and tools – UNIGINE 2 Engine, QA on all stages, continuous integration process, version control, issues management system.
Premium service
  • Technical support – our team goes beyond the delivery of the project. We have professional support engineers who are always here to help.
  • Paperwork on our side – we provide you with legal support for the project.
  • Worldwide available – location of your company is not important. We deliver projects around the world.

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We appreciate confidentiality requirements of our customers, so here are only some examples of our works, which are not covered by the NDA terms.

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